Express Entry & PNP Profile submission

Analysing your profile for the Express Entry and PNP, National Occupation Code (NOC), Primary applicant and Dependent factors. Your next focus should be as to which program will you be getting into, the Express Entry, directly by clearing the benchmark and getting an invitation from Canada? or in case your score doesn't make it to the cut-off, should you opt for a PNP? Or if your score is in the borderline, we would apply simultaneously for both to maximize your chances.
Every PNP application is applied as an Expression of Interest (EOI) individually/separately to each official Province as applicable by our Canada PR visa consultants in Dubai.
At Novus, Canada immigration agents in Dubai, we give you the various possible ways to increase your scores and make it through the Express Entry. Our team of skilled immigration consultants in Canada and the RCICs get real time updates as to when, which Province would open up, and would work on the application proactively.
The crucial part is not just the filing and submission, but to apply for each province as and when the appropriate category opens up, this would be different for every client as per the provincial eligibility, NOC code and many other factors at that point. The aim of our best immigration consultants in Dubai is to ensure that we maximize the chances so that no opportunities are left unattended. @ - All Right Reserved

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