Profile review and submission by our RCIC in Canada

RCICs are of the only persons who are authorized by the Canadian government to assist with visa applications and offer paid immigration services legally. Contacting any government institution, whether it be an embassy or consulate, can be a strenuous and discouraging process. By using the services of RCICs, you will not have to make contact with the Canadian government as they will coordinate your application on your behalf by representing you legally.
We would provide you with the Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC. Company policies like ours is hard to find among various Canada visa consultants in Abu Dhabi. Here at Novus, we provide you with complete assistance during this stage as the RCIC legally representing you (Representative Form IMM5476e) will review and submit documents as per the submission checklist, as this being a crucial period where a lot of Legal Framework and Technicalities come into picture. They make sure that everything is filed and submitted in due time and you obtain your PR. @ - All Right Reserved

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