Benefits of Permanent Residency

Here are 5 of the major benefits you’ll experience once you Immigrate to Canada from Qatar

1 – You Can Live and Work Anywhere in Canada

You will have the legal right to live and work anywhere in the country! If you start off in Montreal but you find a better job in Toronto, you will have every right to move. Permanent residents aren’t tied to a specific employer or a specific province.

2 – You Get Access to Universal Healthcare and Social Services

All permanent residents have access to Canada’s healthcare and social services. Canadian healthcare is universal, this means that you will have access to free medical care!

3 – You Can Sponsor Your Spouse and Children

Once you are a permanent resident, you can apply to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children to join you in Canada. That said, if you immigrate through Express Entry, you can include your family on your initial application so you won’t have to sponsor them later on!

4 – You Can Become a Canadian Citizen

Becoming a permanent resident is the first step to becoming a Canadian citizen. Once you’ve resided in Canada for three out of five years, you’ll be eligible to become a citizen!

5 – It Can’t Be Taken Away from You

Once you are a permanent resident, the status can’t be taken away from you, unless you commit a serious crime or you fail to meet your residency obligation. All permanent residents must stay in Canada for two out of every five years, otherwise they won’t be eligible to renew their status. @ - All Right Reserved

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