First Hand expertise-RCIC

It is vital that on your path to your dream, you get professional assistance from experienced ICCRC registered consultants if you want to make Canada your dream home. Our team of regulated and licensed Immigration consultants, agents and lawyers (ICCRC, MARA & IAA) will represent you and work on your application. With Novus Immigration Services you have a ‘One-point contact - either with our lawyers or our ICCRC / MARA regulated consultants’.
It is a common practice we have observed which is followed by all the so called "best Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait" to have multiple designator assigned called case managers, documentation team, sales team etc. to do multiple aspects of a client’s case. In reality, your case should be handled by just one regulated profession in all aspects of Canada Immigration Kuwait who would assist you with the entire process. Stay informed, know your rights. @ - All Right Reserved

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